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Boston Quality Cleaning
services, Inc. – Cleans your Carpet and Floors Perfectly!
Variety Of Services Offer In The Greater Boston Area
Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc. is one of the finest and high-quality companies that provide Janitorial services. This company provides the best interior Cleaning services such as carpet Cleaning and floor care and more to offices, homes, industrial buildings and other businesses around the Greater Boston Area.
Since 2002 Serving Business In Boston
The company is owned and operated by Jean Carlo and Marli Paes since 2002. Their company’s mission states, “To provide the most reliable and the highest quality Cleaning services to businesses in all New England”. That is why a lot of Boston residents prefer to have Boston Quality Cleaning Services clean their places. Besides, the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and it has been accredited.
Carpet Cleaning Is One Of The Services Provided By Boston Quality Cleaning Services
They offer clients with a satisfaction guaranteed and committed to building good relationships with customers. Their services include variety of features such as carpet Cleaning, floor care and thrash removal. Carpet Cleaning could be one of the toughest jobs to attempt to do on your own especially those who have to deal with various stains and other unsightly marks on your carpet. Floor care usually is a difficult job to tackle. That is why people tend to have Cleaning services.
Non-Toxic Products Will Be Used to Clean Your Floors
The company offers free estimates from one single room to an entire building. The workers will do a thorough job with careful inspections. Once this is done, they will start Cleaning up your floors. They use Cleaning products that are effective, gentle, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Carpets Will Be Cleaned With Commercial Grade Equipments
In carpet Cleaning, they do a thorough job and make sure that all unsightly marks are removed from the carpet. Not only that, they also clean the chairs, sofas and other furniture as well. Such upholstery adds dust and dirt on the floor. If there is nicotine treatment needed, they also include it. The carpet will be cleaned by using advanced gears. The carpets are steam cleaned leaving a magnificent and satisfying fresh scent in the entire building. They use a steaming process, which is natural and non-aggressive to the environment, as well as commercial quality clean equipment. This company is certainly there for you and all your floor care needs.
A Crew That Works With Care
The workers have a friendly and positive attitude providing good results and satisfaction to customers. They prioritize time in Cleaning. They make sure that the carpet Cleaning and all floor care in general will be finished and look great in a reasonable amount of time.
Experience Counts
You might be one of those people who have a hard time Cleaning up their carpeting and floors. Or, you might have been checking out different Cleaning services from other companies. If you have not yet experienced the services the Boston Quality Cleaning Services offers, then it is time for you to give them a call and check them out.
Reliability and Trust
Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc. does not stop until everything is perfectly cleaned providing their customers with satisfaction. The company is available any time, from morning to evening, working in and around just to give perfect Cleaning services. If you want a carpet Cleaning or any kind of floor care or other Cleaning services, you can contact them by giving them a call. You can also reach them through email or simply by visiting their official website to know further details and information. The company’s office is always available and happy to welcome you. Contact them now to have your free no obligation evaluation of your home or office needs.

Companies like to do business with successful companies
When choosing a commercial Cleaning company one of the most important things to look for is experience and detail orientation. Why? Because the "look" of offices reflect on the performance of their employees.

See, a neatly detail cleaned office will send a message to the employee that the company does care about cleanliness.   A clean office will also project an image of success to other companies.
Companies like to do business with successful companies. Remember the saying in business: "like attracts like". 
After several years Cleaning commercially, we became very detail oriented.  We know that we need only one complaint from one employee from an entire 100-employee company to ruin our reputation. We take no chances.  Clean for us means absence of dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells and so forth. 
Testimonial voluntarily given in 2006. We've been Cleaning Modernista! since 2004 (it's been 6 years now, in fact).
"To Whom It May Concern:
Boston Quality Cleaning Services has provided Modernista! exceptional service for over 2 years.
All of our expectations are always met. Our workspace is very old with all hardwood floors and many white walls and we occupy 3 floors which covers a large space, 22,400 sq. ft. This is no small feat but Boston Quality Cleaning service has managed the job with ease and professionalism.
They are friendly, easy to work with, discreet, trustworthy, they have honest suggests, always efficient, timely, accommodating and extremely flexible so as to meet our needs. I would recommend them to any small to mid-size company that requires personalized and friendly service."
Sincerely,Lisa MullaneyOffice ManagerModernista!109 Kingston StreetBoston, MA 02111" 

Save Your Old Floor Finish with Floor Stripping and Floor Waxing
Having a floor for a long period without proper care can result in your floors looking yellowish and even dirty, not making it a pleasant sight to see. Not to mention it is embarrassing to have dull and grimy floors. But most of the time, these things can be further prevented because you can have floor stripping and floor waxing done to preserve and maintain the quality of your floor. That is why it is important for us to know that floor stripping and floor waxing are relevant when it comes to caring for our floor surfaces and making them last for a long time.

Can Floor Stripping Remove Dull Haze and Stains From My Floors?Floor stripping would come first and then afterwards, floor waxing. Floor stripping can remove that dull haze from your floor and all stains too to prepare it to look new again. There are actually four basic steps in floor stripping:
1. First of all, a floor stripper is applied on your old finish for a while.
2. The surface of your old floor will be scrubbed to loosen the built up dirt that has been accumulating for a long period.
3. The old stripper and the old finish are then wiped from your floor surface.
4. The floor then should be rinsed with water before planning to apply a new finish.
All right, there you go, the floor stripping is already done and the next essential thing to do would be the process of floor waxing. Now, you might ask, is this necessary?
Can't floor stripping alone make my floor surface neat again?Here's how it goes. By applying something that would protect your floor surface like the wax, it will easily conserve and protect your floor surface. A wax generally prevents water and humidity from penetrating through the floor's surface area. Aside from the fact that it would serve as a special covering for your floor, which repels stains and moisture, floor waxing would also give your floor a brilliant shine and make it look good as new. You may be surprised that your floor will look astoundingly glossy. As well, wax also protects your floor surface by limiting the possibility of scratches and abrasions. Floor waxing will result in a glossy surface making it much more difficult to be damaged.
What Are The Benefits of Floor Wax? Isn't The Only Purpose To Make It Shine?Floor wax will protect your floor from further imperfections such as grooves and ridges, however it is also important for you to know that this should not be done separately.
Floor Stripping Without Floor Wax Can Make Your Floor Hard To Recover Later On.Floor stripping and floor waxing should always come together - they are partners in crime. If you would proceed with waxing without trying to strip the floor first, and vice versa, the results would be unfavorable. Floor stripping will remove stains, shoe prints and marks, and rusty marks, to name a few, while floor waxing will make your floor shine again while giving it protection.
Keep In MindIf you do not perform floor stripping and floor waxing, it may be too late. You might lose your floor and you would have to spend a lot more money to install a new floor rather than stripping and waxing it. Maintaining the beauty and shine of your floor is the simple key to keeping it looking great for many years to come.

SERVICES OFFERED:Janitorial Services
What types of services do we provide?
This is just a partial list of our Cleaning Services:
. Boston Floor Washing and Waxing. Boston Office Cleaning. Boston Restaurant Cleaning. Boston Carpet Cleaning. Boston Building Maintenance. Floor Striping, Buffing or Burnishing. One Time Office Cleaning (or regular Cleaning) Boston. Kitchen/Service Cleaning Boston. Pressure-Washer. Upholstery Care and Cleaning Boston. Boston Janitorial Services. Building/Route Maintenance. Stone, Marble and Tile Cleaning Boston. Window Washing Boston. Warehouse/Garage Cleaning Boston
Services may Include:
. Vacuum all carpeting. Empty and clean all wastebaskets. Clean glass surfaces. Wash drinking fountains. Dust and wipe furniture, fixtures and pictures on wall. Dust baseboards, windowsills, door frames and blinds. Clean computer screens. Remove cobwebs. Sweep and mop all tile and wood floors. Clean microwave, sink and counter area. Sweep and mop kitchen floor. Clean and sanitize bathrooms. Clean all kitchen appliances and cabinets. Empty and clean towel receptacles. Fill toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers. All supplies provided 

"The Most Thorough Office Cleaning Service You've ever had or it's FREE, I guarantee it", Jean Carlo

Call or email to request a FREE Estimate Visit:
Direct Line To Owners:Marli Paes: (781) 443-5682Jean Carlo: (781) 443-4337
TOLL-FREE: (800) 836-9983
info at BostonQualityCleaningServices.com
Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc.4 Nashua St #1 Somerville, MA 02145
Dozens of highly satisfied clients in our Portfolio since 2002. 
Venetian Moon Restaurant
"We've been using Quality Cleaning (aka Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc.) for the last 3 years since we expanded the restaurant downstairs. He's extremely reliable, on time, any time there are special needs in the restaurant such as a broken pipe or water leaks, he's down within an hour or so to handle the problem.
He sanitizes the areas.
We've had comment from the health inspector from the town of Reading, MA that this is the cleanest restaurant in the cityof Reading, MA.
We've had many comments from customers... how clean the restaurant is when they come in. They just cannot believe how clean the restaurant is.
The first thing they (customers) do when they come in, they'll see how clean the place is [...] Maybe the rugs aren't so clean, the bathrooms aren't so clean, but that is never the case with Jean (owner of Boston Quality Cleaning Services).
Everything is done to perfection! He washes our rugs, he maintains the restaurant, I couldn't ask for anything more fromJean.
We've used other companies through the years. I've been in the business since 1972...Jean is by far superior to all. I would recommend him to anybody in the restaurant business.
Affodability is well within our budget range. Affordability is great. The amount of Cleaning, the quality of the Cleaning, it's well worth it.
And he's trustworthy. He's got my keys to my restaurant. My codes to my alarm system. There are many times when I come in I will find a 20 dollar bill or 10 dollar bill sitting on the bar (this is the truth!) that his workers had found during the course of the Cleaning and will leave on top of the bar for us. That's a great plus.
My pleasure! Anything I can do for Jean I will."
Mr. CarmenOwner of Venetian Moon Restaurant

Served Cities In The Greater Boston
Office Cleaning Lincoln Office Cleaning Lynn Office Cleaning Longwood Office Cleaning Marshfield Office Cleaning Medford Office Cleaning Melrose Office Cleaning Marblehead Office Cleaning Malden Office Cleaning Maynard Office Cleaning Newton Office Cleaning North End Office Cleaning Quincy Office Cleaning Norwood Office Cleaning Reading Office Cleaning Revere Office Cleaning Roxbury Office Cleaning Somerville Office Cleaning Stoneham Office Cleaning Scituate Office Cleaning Wakefield Office Cleaning Waltham Office Cleaning Watertown Office Cleaning Wilmington Office Cleaning Woburn Office Cleaning Winthrop Office Cleaning Waltham Office Cleaning Wellesley Office Cleaning Weymouth Office Cleaning Winchester Apartment Cleaning  Office Cleaning Condo Cleaning Boston Office Cleaning Allston MA Office Cleaning Arlington Office Cleaning Back Bay Office Cleaning Beacon Hill Office Cleaning Belmont Office Cleaning Braintree Office Cleaning Brighton Office Cleaning Brookline Office Cleaning Cambridge Office Cleaning Canton Office Cleaning Charlestown Office Cleaning Chestnut-Hill Office Cleaning Chelsea Office Cleaning Cohasset Office Cleaning Concord Cleaning Coolidge Corner Cleaning Downtown Boston Office Cleaning Dedham Office Cleaning East Boston Office Cleaning Everett Office Cleaning Fenway Office Cleaning Hyde Park Office Cleaning Lexington 
Note: If your city/area is not listed, please still give us a call.We will still be able to offer our Cleaning services!
"The Most Thorough Office Cleaning Service You've ever had or it's FREE, I guarantee it", Jean Carlo
Call or email to request a FREE Estimate Visit:
Direct Line To Owners:Marli Paes: (781) 443-5682Jean Carlo: (781) 443-4337
TOLL-FREE: (800) 836-9983
info at BostonQualityCleaningServices.com
Boston Quality Cleaning Services, Inc.4 Nashua St #1 Somerville, MA 02145
Dozens of highly satisfied clients in our Portfolio since 2002.

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